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Welcome to the site English for IT!

Here you will find some useful additional exercises that accompany the lectures and tutorials in NT213 English for IT. Learning material can be found on ISUM.

Course description
English for Informatics is an upper intermediate course, but it is more demanding than the previous two courses regarding the use of specialist language. It combines:
  • General English
  • English for specific purposes (Information technology)
The aim of the course
  • to develop student’s language competence at the upper intermediate level in the areas of:
             vocabulary, especially IT specialist
             language functions
  • to develop, improve and integrate the skills that will enable you to listen and understand, speak, read and write in English for specialist and academic purposes. 
Course requirements
  • Classes in English
  • Student-oriented (active participation and home preparation)
  • The final mark = Semester tasks + final exam
  • Tasks are similar as in English 1 and English 2, specified in the programme
  • Oral presentation on an ICT topic!
  • Home reading